This is an experiment.

Fragments of the urban landscape

THIS IS NOT A PHOTO. Hyperrealism in Rotterdam. And a symbiotic love affair. And a touch of digital empathy. (the best kind of empathy.)

Biology versus meaning and purpose

"Biology says that love, beauty and morality are just figments of a brain pursuing selfish evolutionary strategies." But NO.

Do you feel the ridiculousness?

"It's a disgrace, all these artists just marrying women willy-nilly and then disappearing after two months. Do you feel the ridiculousness, Sir?" Willem Sandberg (Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam) sure tickles my funny bone.

Celebrate your birthday. Do it for society.

"We need rituals to be able to live together in a society." Start by celebrating your birthday. Otherwise, we'll only see each other at funerals. My impression of a symposium organized by the Dutch Universiteit voor Humanistiek.


How wrong I was.


Maybe you recognize the following situation. You’re looking to buy a new house, so you are checking real estate websites.